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Decks and Railings

A new deck and railing system can make your home look like new. We pride ourselves on quality craftmanship. We only use the best materials at the most reasonable cost and we understand that your project is not complete until you are happy.

If your dream is a simple deck outside your living room, then we can help. If you want an elaborate deck with several levels, then look no further. We are specialists in decks and railings and will be pleased to make your house your dream home.

Decking has come a long way in the last twenty years. No longer is wood the only choice. Today you can choose between wood, composite, vinyl, and aluminum. Each material has it's pros and cons, ask your salesman to explain the differences in the materials. Mixing and matching decking and railing materials can give your home a new and comfortable look.



Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is more durable than wood fencing, requires no maintenance, and is much less costly than ornamental iron.

There are many varieties of chain link fencing. Grades range from light residential up to heavy commercial with several levels in-between. Galvanized chain link provides a durable and long lasting efficient fence. Most chain link fence materials sold today for residences are vinyl-coated. Unlike the years past, when your only choice in chain link material was galvanized, today the fence buyer has a choice of colors which allow blending the fence into the landscape. The most popular color is black vinyl-coated chain link with baked on black enamel posts and rails.

Chain link fencing can also provide privacy by installing privacy slats. These vinyl slats come in a variety of colors to match your surrounding environment. Choosing to use chain link with privacy slats gives you the strength of chain link with the privacy of wood or vinyl fencing.


Ornamental Iron

Ornamental Iron can provide a regal beauty to your location while still being cost effective. Cirrus Designs, Inc. offers two types of ornamental Iron. The first choice is panels that are pre-assembled and rackable for hillsides. These panels are not fully welded but provide a cost effective alternative. The second ornamental iron option is fully welded panels. These panels are structurally solid and must be installed level with a step design for any grade changes. All of our ornamental iron comes with powder coated, baked on enamel paint to provide a long lasting and strong finish.

Ornamental iron comes in many different styles. From 2-rail pool picket to gothic finials, we can provide you with any options that you desire. Ornamental panels can also be mounted on wood posts and framework to provide a distinct look.

Ranch Farm

Ranch and Farm Fencing

Providing a solution to keep in animals is one of the first origins of fencing. Ranch and farm fencing has grown from simple split rail and barbed wire to current vinyl ranch rail and hot wires. Whether you want to install ranch rail for a visual aesthetic or a hot wire to keep horses corralled, Cirrus Designs, Inc. can provide you with a reasonable price and options.

Vinyl Fencing

A fence can do much more than identify the perimeter of your property. It can enhance the beauty of your home and surrounding environment while adding privacy and security. Vinyl fencing provides all of this and more. There are so many innovative styles and colors to choose from that you cannot help but find the perfect style for your residential or commercial property. We can adjust spacing to help you create a beautiful, elegant fence that is virtually maintenance-free and will last a lifetime.  Most fences have routed rails so there are no visible fasteners to take away from the appearance of the fence as both sides are equally beautiful.

Vynil 1

Vinyl fencing does not blister, peel, rust, warp, or rot. The color is evenly distributed throughout the vinyl rather than painted or coated. This means that scraping, sanding, and painting the fence will never be on your list of chores again. Cirrus Designs, Inc. only uses the best vinyl available. We only use American made products. Our vinyl fencing is one of the finest and most versatile vinyl fencing products on the market today. Our material carries a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and our own Cirrus Designs, Inc. warranty. Our gates are built with all steel frames that are powder-coated to match your vinyl fence. This additional rigidity adds life and strength to your gate as well as making gate adjustments simple.

If you are considering vinyl fencing, please contact us today. Our salesman will work with you to create a vinyl fencing system that will not only meet your needs but will also increase the value of your home with its long-lasting beauty.

Wood Fencing

At Cirrus Designs, Inc. we only believe in using the best products available. For this reason, we provide #1 grade cedar fencing boards and rails. All of our wood fencing is installed using pressure treated or steel posts. These choices make your fence last for a measurable time longer than those fences using untreated wood posts. 

Wood fencing provides a natural alternative to the vinyl options that are available today. The styles available range from simple dogear cedar to custom top privacy cedar and good neighbor cedar. We also provide rail fencing options from split rail, doweled rail, and 2x6 ranch rail.

We build all of our gates using a welded steel frame that provides the rigidness needed for the weight of wood fencing. Our gates are adjustable and long-lasting to give the home owner worry free use.

Wood Fence 1
Wood Fence 2

Pole Buildings

Pole buildings are one of the least expensive ways to create a large barn or shop area. Whether your looking for a basic package or luxury shop, we can provide the alternatives for you. We provide basic do-it-yourself packages or fully installed buildings.

Pole 2